The Hollywood Book Reviews of When Hope Is Your Only Option

Author Jim Stavis, When Hope Is Your Only Option: One Man’s Brave Journey Through Life’s Adversity is an inspiring story of faith, hope and healing. This memoir tells the story of Stavis’ experience as he frequently undergoes surgeries to save and prolong his life. It also details his medical history, the innovative surgical transplant he had to go through, including overcoming the complex emotions that come with it. The book also discusses the development of medical technology and knowledge that surrounds his illness and how it affects the people he interacted with.

In When Hope Is Your Only Option: One Man’s Brave Journey Through Life’s Adversity attacks the concept from all angles: medical, scientific, cultural and personal. The book is both inspiring and realistic, concrete in its dilemmas and moving for the reader.

The book received favorable reviews from readers for its gripping narrative and heartbreaking medical drama. In a review for Hollywood Book Reviews, Margie Przybylski wrote, “This book is perfect for confident readers of any age. Stavis’ story and advice for overcoming adversity is wonderful reading for people struggling through everyday life, whether they’re dealing with major health issues or not. Stavis explains that after reading his book, the reader will be able to create a “new normal”, even in the face of adversity.”

The review explained how Stavis’ book becomes the voice of people who had to go through the same medical anxiety. He tells his story with gusto and doesn’t hide his past and truly offers an honest feeling about his journey. He skillfully guides his readers through the process and hopes to inspire others.

“Stavis seems like an old friend – with some great advice to share. I loved reading his book and found many of the lessons applied to my own life. As a mother of two, the Days easily slip away from me and I find myself overwhelmed by the little things — Stavis’ perspective gives readers hope at any stage of life, no matter what their troubles are,” Przybylski writes.

When Hope Is Your Only Option: One Man’s Brave Journey Through Life’s Adversity is a raw and intimate exploration of the author’s painful medical journey. “Even when his life sentence seems terrible – Stavis’ positive mindset allows him to go about his life and enjoy it. When Stavis encountered difficulties in his life, he didn’t ask himself ‘why me?” Instead, he realized the real question was “why not me?” He explains in Chapter 7 that we need hardship in life to grow, we must fail before we succeed – the only ‘to achieve greatness is to strive,’ wrote Margie Przybylski of Hollywood Reviews.

It was quite an eye-opening passage for me, because difficulties and failures are extremely uncomfortable for me! However, after a quick thought, I realized that Stavis was right and it’s easy to see how right he is just by looking at your own life. After reading this, I felt inspired to try something new, and not worry too much about being perfect right away. It is indeed a story of self-discovery and resilience.

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